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Project Description

CFX Casting Grips

Casting Split Grips

In this comparison we took the four most popular types of casting rod grips and compared their weights.  All grips were the same length (3.87″) along with the same dimensions.  All grips had the same ID of .375 except the cork which has a slightly smaller bore.  Below you can see the weight of each grip and how much heavier Cork, EVA and Polymer are compared to our CFX casting grips.

CFX = 7.5 grams
Cork = 10 grams – 25% heavier
EVA = 12 grams – 38% heavier
Polymer = 13 grams – 43% heavier

Test Results

We placed each grip on the scale to get an accurate weight.  CFX grips are the lightest followed by cork, EVA and Polymer.  Just by using our CFX grips you can potentially remove up to 0.2 oz of weight from your rod and over a quarter ounce of weight when you use our fighting butt.  Because the front part of the split grip is under or just behind your hand the balance point of your rod is almost identical to the heavier grips.  However, this reduction in weight you can feel in your hand and our grips increase sensitivity and responsiveness!

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